Technical customer support service

Technical support

We believe our mission goes beyond just manufacturing products and extends to providing a comprehensive support service to our customers and distributors. We feel responsible for our products; entire life cycle, including their proper handling so as to minimize safety risks and reduce their impact on the environment.
Below, you will find documents that summarize the main points and frequently asked questions regarding the use and handling of our products. That said, if you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or talk to your sales
• Recommendations for unloading facilities for our products
Most of our products are considered "dangerous goods" because they are corrosive substances. The handling of liquid products in particular, can be especially challenging.
The attached document includes general recommendations for unloading stations meant for liquid dangerous goods in bulk, including all the advisable safety elements. Each
product is different, but this document is, without doubt, a good place to start. Please, contact us if you have any questions.
Download Recommendation for unloading facilities.
Requirements for the transportation of our products
Just as special precautions are necessary for facilities where our products are unloaded and stored, it is even more important to take precautions during their transportation. This is because, during transportation, products are exposed to more external variables and risks,
as well as to people and places that are not prepared for the handling of this type of products.

• Sodium Hypochlorite Chemical Incompatibility Chart (The Chlorine Institute)
Sodium hypochlorite is one of our best-selling and most widely used products since it has many advantages for cleaning and sanitizing in different contexts. However, it must be handled with caution, and special attention must be had when handled with other chemical
products. Below is a guide to prevent accidents caused by an ineffective handling of sodium hypochlorite.
Download Chemical Sodium Hypochlorite Chemical Incompatibility Chart