EFICE manufactures, trades and distributes its products in Uruguay and the region, mainly within the Mercosur, but eventually reaching other countries in South America.

Our products are used both in the private and public sectors. Regarding the former, state-owned companies use our products for water purification and treatment. In the private sector, uses cover the treatment of effluents, raw materials or supplies for processes.

EFICE devotes a significant amount of time and resources to the personalized care of its direct clients and to provide the service that has made EFICE stand out since the beginning based on an appropriate technical and commercial structure.

Below we mention some of our most important direct clients within the country, with which we have a long-standing relationship, which goes beyond just business. We have consolidated, in each case, a strategic relationship, as we defined in our company’s VISION.

We work jointly with our clients, often developing projects together, which strengthen the relationship between the companies, as well as their growth, over time.

In other cases and for specific projects, as is the case of our Roadtec dust controller, the specific know-how and resources were gathered to access clients and/or end users in a more professional and direct way, as is the case with the Departmental Governments. For this particular project, we sought knowledge on road engineering, which EFICE lacked and were necessary in order to provide the specialized care that defines our company in its traditional products.

At the same time, in order to reach the rest of the market with the same personalized service and clients whose needs entail a different added value to the one EFICE usually provides, such as fractionated products, we work with different distributors according to the market niche.

We have regular consulting and follow-up meetings with those companies, so that they can acquire all of EFICE’s know-how and expertise. To this effect, it is worth noting that several products are considered dangerous goods and therefore require special care regarding handling and transportation.

EFICE maintains long-term relationships with all of its direct clients, as well as its distributors, which aid in the better development of the market and the joint work with end clients.